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Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to Catch a Thief in the Act!

So you think you don't need a hidden camera in your office? Check out this hidden camera video!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Most Expensive Hidden Camera!

Want a completely invisible hidden camera? Try the Eyeball Implanted Hidden Camera! Well, this method may be a little extreme for the sane...but it's definitely an eye-catching idea. Okay, bad pun.

But seriously, this new technology for hidden cameras has been developed for the blind. It involves a procedure in which doctors implant a micro-camera directly into the eyeball in an attempt to return sight to people with damaged or no vision. While this technology to restore sight was developed some time ago; the wiring and charging of these cameras was too bulky for a realistic application.

Now, however, a nerve-stimulating chip can be implanted at the back of the eye, charging wirelessly and communicating directly to the camera inside the lens of the eye itself. This produces a totally covert electronic vision system.

In stumbling across this latest advancement, I can't help but wonder how long it will take a hacker to tap into that video feed and see everythig the user is seeing. One person's nightmare is a hacker's dream.

Think your $2,000 digital Canon was expensive? Well, consider yourself lucky you got away that easy, because this eyeball hidden camera is most likely the most expensive hidden camera out there!

And while 95% of the population will never need such and advanced device in order to see, I am thankful for the existence of that technology for the percentage that will.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More to Come?

As we come to the end of another year, we anxiously await the latest advancements in technology. The leaps and bounds that have been made this year include the Digital Video Recorder with remote access capabilities. So your hidden cameras for home are now viewable on any internet connection or iPhone! These are a hot item and are flying off the shelves for people who travel and like to check in on their property, mothers returning to work with the child and nanny at home, and business owners checking in on their employees. There are limitless applications and uses for this new technology, so don't miss out!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years and a fresh start to the next year ahead of us!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

SecureShot - When you need to know.

In case you haven't seen the latest, there is a technology that just came out called SecureShot. These are cameras hidden away in such a way that there are no more "tell tale" holes, lights or anything to make them suspicious looking. There are also no more SD cards sticking out the back or suspicious looking out of place jacks. This SecureShot line also has two cameras inside instead of one! The DUALLY automatically and instantly switches from a Sony Super HAD Hi-Res color camera to a Sony Ex-View super low light B&W camera (.0001 Lux) when light levels drop below .5 Lux. The astonishing results are a great color video by day and a great low light video at night!
This ground breaking line of hidden nanny cameras with digital video recorders or (DVR) is security recording made easy and economical. Motion activated real time video or high-resolution "still shots" are recorded on a tiny SD card, housed in a hidden compartment. All recordings are time/date stamped for professional security applications. Each system also includes (2) 1 Gb SD cards!
These cameras are built expertly into more than a dozen different everyday items commonly used in a household or business environment so as not to raise suspicion.
So if you're in the market for a state of the art hidden camera for your nanny, housekeeper, teen spouse, business, office or whatever, SecureShot warrants a second look!

Monday, November 2, 2009

What About Our Schools?

With nearly 1,000 cameras watching our students while they're in school every day, you'd think they are safe, right? WRONG!

If you have kidded yourself into thinking your child is safe, check out http://schoolshooting.org/ and you will see where the 340 shootings since 1992 have occurred.

The majority of the recent shootings are assumed to have been gang related, which is a nightmare in and of itself. What bothers me is the fact that our children, our future generation is forced to pass like cattle through metal detectors and at times be subjected to pat downs. How did we get this far gone? Why is it necessary that every child is required to have an ID tag just to get on the school bus? Some even have radio frequency tags that track their movements in and around school! It seems to me that our school systems are turning into a daily prison for our children!
When you discover that school visitors have to keep visitors inside a "secure vestibule" which is reinforced with bulletproof glass until they are cleared to enter, it seems quite "prison like" to me. When we hear of the ridiculous cases of six year-olds being suspended for bringing a camping utensil to school, it seems like we are taking giant steps backwards in our children's upbringing and education.
What is the answer when hundreds of cameras, metal detectors and security screenings are not enough? Are we forced to surrender our children daily only to wonder and worry whether we will seem them for dinner that same night?
If you're lucky enough to have the option of home school, I would urge you to take advantage of it!

Is Our Country Secure?

When Obama says he plans to "monitor the situation" at the border, how secure does that really make you?

I recently received an email about our Mexican border and how illegals have it down to a science when it comes to getting into our country. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for immigration if it is done LEGALLY! I have no respect for people who can't take the steps, learn the language, embrace our culture, etc. to become a true American citizen.
Now, in this email were photos of the underground tunnels made by previous travelers. It also stated that the coyotes had scouts who would watch the patrols on the US side and give a signal to illegals and drug traffickers for when it was safe to pass.
Now, I'm a little fuzzy on this one. Isn't the US, with all it's billions and advanced technology able to fight against a few scouts with binoculars? What is wrong with this picture? With trip wires, electric fences, hidden cameras, motion detectors and other technological advances, what is the problem? Is it just a lack of man power to patrol and monitor? I suppose there could be a few border patrol agents taking bribes, which is obviously a problem. But are we really not smart enough to fight against invaders on foot?
Yes, there are some serious drug problems in Mexico with all the cartels, and I genuinely feel for them. Of course, the US does have a federal plan committing $700 million to "bolster Mexican law enforcement and crime prevention efforts", so we are making an attempt to help them in their own country. And make no mistake! $700 MILLION is nothing to sneeze at! This federal plan is supposed to go along with the help the United States is already giving Mexico with training, equipment and enhanced intelligence cooperation.
So with all this money and 1,000 troops on the United States/ Mexican border alone, not to mention the other police officers, federal agents and border patrol involved, why is it still so difficult to stop traffic along the border?
Now, I'm not trying to start a political debate or conspiracy theory, but it seems to me that either we have some very lazy border agents, or there is something else going on. It escapes me as to why anyone would want to encourage illegal immigration and bring more crime, drugs, mouths to feed and kids to teach into our already crowded country.
Can someone PLEASE explain to me how and why illegals are still invading the United States?